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Hello, and welcome to the Star Wars ANIME HQ2, now with this site, our main page is very large as you will be leaving the planet for an out of this world site with more pictures, and selections than you can dream of! Now because of how large our small site is we reccommend dsl connection for this site however it is not required, but it is what we reccomend. If you have 56K or dial-up modem please use our side bar to navigate and when leaving a page use the back button and never ever click on HOME. Now prepare your mind and your computer for something you've never seen before. This is the Star Wars ANIME HQ2...
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GundamVader.net the flagship was last updated on: 9/5/2010
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Greetings! Alas this site has been running for the greater part of almost 7 or 8 years possibly longer. While I have enjoyed the wonderful creation and time of the site, the site is unfortunately gearing to close. But fear not. While The Star Wars ANIME HQ2 will be gone, the fanfics page will still be available. THE SWAHQ2 will not be publicly available as it will becoming a new site to a small business I am creating for video creation. Bookmark the fanfic pages while you can if you wish to revisit the classic tales. however i reccomend using the longhand form as gundamvader.net's domain name will be changing. please use the following adress to bookmark. "www.gundamvader.homestead.com/ (insert page)" I thank you all for visiting and suppoting and it truly ahs been a great run. The site itself will still be up until the new site is ready to go so still some time before it complete goes.
Thank you everyone!
-Vader (administrator)
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