YO!!!!! Low-ride-der is a little higher...sorry...well as you might have noticed from episode 2 of Got Straightjackets I have recently encountered my facination with cars as i might be getting my license soon....in 3000 years...ok more like december but still....anyway this section of the site is dedicated to nothing but cars. Yes, its a little off from Star Wars and ANIME, but we felt there should be a section competing against cars. Well let me explain a little bit about this. There will be different sections, we have a lowrider, hot rod, and a stock car section. The three sections will each have different types of cars and you can judge how you like the car, we will also try to get real world stats on the cars and pics if we can, and well you know what? forget this jduging hting, just tell us how you like the car so we could try and get more like it and all. Anyway Lowrider you got hydraulics, wire rims, or bags. Hot Rods, you got sooped up engine, and we personally refer the older cars as the hot rods but import cars are acceptable. And Stock cars, is basically the way it came. Or if the car doesn't exactly have a fixed up engine or bags but the interior is customized, or also if you cant tell its fixed up.
Have a car? Want to show it off? Send it here and we'll display it at no cost! Just a way to show off, also if you wish show us your mods, and whats special and some stats on your car! Send it here vadercarwars@yahoo.com today!
Please submit a picture when submitting a car and also submit a name please!
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