I am not a spinoff of Got Ghand
and Got Whatever...I am actually
something Vader got bored with and decided to create his own serries because
many seem to like these things...
This message even goes off the frame, how sad is that?
Ok just so you know...this is not a spinoff of Got Ghand? and Got Whatever... I have noticed that people really like these type of things so by unessential demand we (who is we?)have decided to bring you (well? Who are you? Who am I for that matter...) Got Straightjackets...

While Wally is in his cell and durring those unknown years that passed by, these are the events that Vader did. He goes through his epic adventures of...uh stuff...yeah...It is his tragedy (what tragedy? He goes aroun hitting his head on stuff...) You shut up....GET OUT OF MY HEAD!!!! (How can I get out of your head when I am your big fat head you afro helmet freak you....) Shut up...Anyway we want to put up a tribut to our mentor Wallishima! All those who wish to give Wally some money raise you hand!!! **No one raises their hand** THANK YOU!!!! We have just raised $3,000 from all you people out there in the world isiting this site. How? For every second you are on my site, even just downloading the main page, your ISP sends $5 to my bank accounts online! (Not really for all of you who check yur bills) Why'd you have to ruin the plan?! (Its not my fault...its your fault for thinking of it) Well if your me and me is you (bad english) then isn't it both of our faults? (No just yours stupid...) ...I can't figure my own mind out....Anyway you'll notice the first episode is first to show then it goes.....DOWN!!!!! Not up like Got Gand and Got Whatever....See? We are not a spinoff of them we have our own ways....(Then how come you're creating this series?) Just shut up you....Anyway enjoy and get out! I mean welcome....to Jurrassic Park...::T-Rex Eats Vader:: WRONG SHOW!!! ::Spits him out::
Episode 1: The Phantom Straightjacket....What's a straightjacket?
Episode 2: CAR WARS
Episode 3: Attack of the Wooden People
This is te first episode of Got Straightjackets! YEAH!
Vader goes out hunting for cars. But couldn't find any to bring back to the BBQ.....
RUN! The wooden people are invading!!!!!!
Episode 4: The Lost Episode of Episode 4
Vader is unsure of freaks and he interviews someone he thinks he knows but doesn't know....
Episode 5: The Vader Revolutions, with only one Revolution
Vader must save the world from a giant t-rex tat has an odd obsession.....