Cool Links
Home - this was my main website that has everything you used to need. from old fanfics to zero pics of anime and star wars.however even though it is alder than this it has officially died...all 511 pics are lost...and its last fanfic was the final battle against Barney (Vengance Saga End)...if you wish to view our old kingdom and domain here it is...
Star Wars
site form  official gundam/gundam wing webaite  official star wars website  Kids site...awesome site!
The Mermaids Cove
The Mermaids' Cove
This is my friend's CllMermaid's site....yes it may say vader2000 but thats because I help out a little and i created it for her and I was tired and didn't know what it was gunna be about or anything....
Visit Elfwood
Like Sci-Fi? Like Fantasy? Like stories? Like Art? Go to elfwood for all that stuff and awesome works of art and soon I might be a member and my better pieces of art will be up there...not the crappy pieces that I currently have...
Midevil Mystic Jedi Knights Fanfic
Clashman's resource
This is my friend's, Cptn. War, site. I find it interesting. Organized and a cool menu...he uses a place called for a lot of his sites work. I mean no offense but it does seem to lack content...but other than that it also has pictures of Wolf's drawings as well...however wehn you compare the drawings I have from Wolf's to his I outnumber him. But his site is still decent. Out of 10 I'd give it a 7...l
Got Straightjackets?
Car Wars
The Bounty Hunter's Code ----Boba Fett's website...the Bounty Hunters code, check it out - The San Gabriel Valley Mustang Club, if you have a mustang any year or model or shape, and interested joining a club, and in So California, check out this site for more info!
My Fanfics
ANIME ----This is Planet Deus Ex, a good site for a game called Deus Ex, the new section that DarkMigit has created is based after this sites Got Ghand serries Its a good site, you'll like it